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Mission Statement

The mission of Forever 52 is to sustain the spirit of “Crew 52” volunteerism by mobilizing volunteers and connecting them with existing organizations to meet community needs.

Our Purpose

Forever 52 unites volunteers and organizations to make lives better, charities stronger, and events more successful.

About Forever 52

When over 10,000 people volunteered to serve as ambassadors representing Minnesota, they had no idea just what an exhilarating and satisfying experience they signed up for. Some made new friends, some enjoyed an experience not to be duplicated, and everybody felt the positive energy and enthusiasm that surrounded them wherever they went. In a moment of reflection, one of the volunteers offered a wishful thought on Facebook: “It would be nice to be able to continue this feeling.” The post struck a chord and within days, 1,900+ fellow Super Bowl volunteers responded a resounding “YES!” and Forever 52 became reality. Individuals, from around the region, came together as a diverse and multi-talented community, ready and eager to connect with organizations and events needing willing hands and hearts.

Values Statement for Events

 Elevate and enhance a community organization’s event
 Organize and motivate volunteers to perform community service work in a group setting
 Provide organizations exposure to our volunteer community

Click here for the Forever 52 Volunteer Event Request form, for all requests and ideas.  As you have suggestions, please pass along to interested organizations.

Values Statement for Volunteers

 Prioritizing safety as #1
 Showing kindness
 Extending a warm welcome
 Being bold and friendly
 Being flexible and willing to help in all areas
 Having fun
 Committing to our mission
 Positively reflecting the face of Forever 52

Click here for the Forever 52 application

Leadership Structure

Executive Team

Forever 52 has an Executive Team of decision makers, who provide:
• Oversight
• Structure/Governance
• Coordination
• Communication
Based on input & collaboration with HQ, Interest Area Captains, and Regional Leads

HQ Management and Operations

Forever 52 HQ Captain roles: specialized skills providing expertise to support
development and expansion of organizational structure
Time commitment: 5-10 hours/ week, daily computer access

Forever 52 has HQ Captain roles for:
• Captain Support Team
• Event Coordination
• Hospitality
• Supplies/Facilities
• Networking
• Social Media
• Website
• Marketing
• IT assistance
• Administration

Interest Area Captains

Forever 52 Interest Area Captain Roles: research and vet appropriate charities, and
coordinate with Regional Leads to support local efforts for people groups, special
interests, and basic needs
Time commitment: daily computer access, 5-10 hours/week

Forever 52 has Interest Area Captains for:
People Groups: Kids, Youth, Elderly, Disabled, Veterans Affairs

Special Interests: Emergency, Construction, Homeless, Human Trafficking, Animals, Environmental, Large Events

Basic Needs: Food, Clothing, Housing, Jobs, Health/Medical, Fitness

Regional Leads

Forever 52 Regional Lead Roles: oversee events and volunteers in specific regions, in
coordination with Interest Area Captains
Time commitment: weekly prep, monthly events, 5-10 hours/week

Forever 52 has Regional Leads for:
•Metro Minneapolis
•Metro St. Paul
•NW suburbs
•NE suburbs (incl WI north of I-94)
•SW suburbs
•SE suburbs (incl WI south of I-94)
•Central MN area
•Northeast MN area (incl Duluth/Superior)
•Northwest MN area (incl North Dak)
•Southern MN Area (incl Iowa, South Dak)
•Internet/Long Distance