Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • When over 10,000 people volunteered to serve as ambassadors representing Minnesota, they had no idea just what an exhilarating and satisfying experience they signed up for. Some made new friends, some enjoyed an experience not to be duplicated, and everybody felt the positive energy and enthusiasm that surrounded them wherever they went. In a moment of reflection, one of the volunteers offered a wishful thought on Facebook: “It would be nice to be able to continue this feeling.” The post struck a chord and within days, 1,900+ fellow Super Bowl volunteers responded a resounding “YES!” and Forever 52 became reality. Individuals, from around the region, came together as a diverse and multi-talented community, ready and eager to connect with organizations and events needing willing hands and hearts.

  • Forever 52 Interest Area Captain Roles: research and vet appropriate charities, and coordinate with Regional Leads to support local efforts for people groups, special interests, and basic needs.

    Time commitment: daily computer access, 5-10 hours/week

  • Forever 52 Regional Lead Roles: oversee events and volunteers in specific regions, in coordination with Interest Area Captains.

    Time commitment: weekly prep, monthly events, 5-10 hours/week 

  • • Confirm volunteers needed with volunteer status 
    • Oversee monitoring/wearing of credentials 
    • Oversee monitoring/recording of “uniform” distribution 
    • Oversee recording of volunteer hours 
    • Address any issues that arise/reach out for back up 
    • Report misconduct/inappropriate behavior by a volunteer
    associated with an event 
    • Thank volunteers 
    • Oversee submission of event pictures 
    • Report outcomes/evaluation of event

  • Complete a Leadership Application at this link:


  • Our name, our mission statement, our website, and our logo will have references to “52” as well as our anticipated “uniform accessories.” As weather appropriate, you are encouraged to continue wearing your Crew 52 uniforms/accessories to facilitate recognition of one another in the community. As we continue to “ramp up,” you will continue to see more references to how our past has propelled us into a future direction.

  • We are overjoyed with the outpouring of interest and support for our mission, and are organizing to effectively match volunteers and organizations. For now, Forever 52 is comprised of former Crew 52 members. We hope to be opening up applications to everyone interested in the future. Please stay tuned!

  • There will be a variety of volunteer opportunities across Forever 52
    member communities. As a Forever 52 volunteer, you will be asked about your interest areas, as well as the regions you would be interested in serving. Consider your passions, your skills, and your level of commitment at this time. As opportunities arise, you will have a choice as to which events you wish to register and how often you wish to volunteer. Whatever your role, you will be appreciated!

  • Each individual member represents all of Forever 52, and therefore is expected to uphold the image of Forever 52 any time wearing uniform and/or serving in any Forever 52 capacity.

  • The Super Bowl Host Committee provided an admirable model for us to continue the legacy of Crew 52. Our expectations include: valuing safety as #1 priority, showing kindness, extending a warm welcome, being bold and friendly, being flexible and willing to help in all areas, having fun, and committing to our mission. We each will seek to positively represent the face of Forever 52.

  • Forever 52 exists to elevate a community organization’s event by providing excitement, assisting guests, organizing the day of event, motivating guests to participate, and capturing event highlights. Forever 52 provides organizations exposure to our volunteer community, by asking for volunteers and promoting an event. Supported events will not directly benefit any political agenda or religion.

  • Forever52.org website: Forever 52 supported regional events will use Forever 52 members to enhance specific events of selected organizations, both on a small and large scale. You will soon be able to log onto the website to sign in and register.

    Forever 52 MN Facebook page: Open registration community events will be posted for self- selection on the event page, where Forever 52 family and friends may also be invited if the organization extends public invitations. Forever 52 will also post ongoing community needs for members seeking longer-term commitments.

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    Our general email is: info@forever52.org, or feel free to contact any of the Facebook Administrators directly via private message (PM) on the Forever 52 MN site.

  • We welcome Forever 52 members from all areas to consider involvement in communities outside the metro, and will be considering Forever 52’s capacity to meet charity requests from anywhere. Volunteers who travel will be responsible for their own expenses and accommodations. There are also opportunities to engage remotely via internet and make valuable contributions to event success and volunteer satisfaction.

  • Forever 52 has several short and long sleeved shirts, windbreakers, and buttons which are periodically available for purchase. You are also encouraged to use weather relevant items from your Crew 52 uniform, and add the Forever 52 button. Some events are anticipated to have their own T-shirts, etc., which the sponsoring organization may provide and we ask volunteers to wear your Forever 52 button when wearing a sponsoring uniform.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age. There may be community events with their own registration and guidelines that allow those under 18 years to participate in volunteering.

  • Background checks help ensure the safety and security of our volunteers and guests. Volunteers may be subject to background checks, depending on the sponsoring event’s criteria.

  • Currently Forever 52 currently has no funding, although we will be looking for potential sponsors.

  • Forever 52 is now recognized as an IRS domestic nonprofit corporation 501(c)(3).  Please consult a tax advisor regarding eligible charitable donations and miles driven in service of charitable organizations.

  • Volunteers volunteer for many reasons, including investing in a cause they believe in, making a positive difference, or associating with a group of like minded people. Sometimes volunteers get some kind of credit for the time they invest, a token of appreciation, or even a free uniform. However, often the statement is heard, that I signed up to give and realized that I got back in unexpected ways, I was overwhelmed at how wonderful the people were, I made new meaningful connections, I was so touched by their appreciation, I understood differently once I got close, I was part of a coordinated group effort that could not have happened on my own. Whatever your reasons, Forever 52 seeks to introduce awareness of a vast array of opportunities, invite you to contribute, and provide a structure to help you connect with one another in your community.

  • The entire site is secure and encrypted – protected with an SSL certificate.