There will be a variety of volunteer opportunities across member communities. Forever 52 members will be asked about interest areas, as well as regions interested in serving. As opportunities arise, choices will be offered for events and frequency of volunteering. All Forever 52 volunteers are appreciated!

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  • Forever 52 HQ Captain roles: specialized skills providing expertise to support
    development and expansion of organizational structure
    Time commitment: 5-10 hours/ week, daily computer access

    Forever 52 has HQ Captain roles for:
    • Captain Support Team
    • Event Coordination
    • Hospitality
    • Supplies/Facilities
    • Networking
    • Social Media
    • Website
    • Marketing
    • IT assistance
    • Administration

  • Forever 52 Interest Area Captain Roles: research and vet appropriate charities, and
    coordinate with Regional Leads to support local efforts for people groups, special
    interests, and basic needs
    Time commitment: daily computer access, 5-10 hours/week

    Forever 52 has Interest Area Captains for:
    People Groups: Kids, Youth, Elderly, Disabled, Veterans Affairs

    Special Interests: Emergency, Construction, Homeless, Human Trafficking, Animals, Environmental, Large Events

    Basic Needs: Food, Clothing, Housing, Jobs, Health/Medical, Fitness

  • Forever 52 Regional Lead Roles: oversee events and volunteers in specific regions, in
    coordination with Interest Area Captains
    Time commitment: weekly prep, monthly events, 5-10 hours/week

    Forever 52 has Regional Leads for:
    •Metro Minneapolis
    •Metro St. Paul
    •NW suburbs
    •NE suburbs (incl WI north of I-94)
    •SW suburbs
    •SE suburbs (incl WI south of I-94)
    •Central MN area
    •Northeast MN area (incl Duluth/Superior)
    •Northwest MN area (inclNorth Dak)
    •Southern MN Area (inclIowa, South Dak)
    •Internet/Long Distance